Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

Writing TV news is a delicate balance – you want to sound conversational but you also want to be correct. TV audiences can include a more mature people who were educated about correct grammar and spelling – and younger people who are  more used to using a ‘less uptight’ and more conversational style.


Sometimes it’s hard to choose between being correct and being conversational. Write correctly and you sound can old-fashioned and stuffy. Write conversationally and you upset your audience familiar with good grammar. You sound uneducated.

For example: the word NONE can pose problems.

Technically the correct way to use none is: none of the children WAS injured – because NONE means NOT ONE –  so NOT ONE of the children WAS injured.

However, it sounds wrong. NONE were injured sounds more conversational but it’s incorrect. Not one were injured.

I recommend you have none of none!


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