Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

Even in the rush of breaking news, you should pay attention to getting place names right.


Broadcast news has place name challenges:

  1. place names are said out loud by readers and reporters – so you have to be careful with pronunciation
  2. in TV, place names are read with the eye on the screen – so you have to be careful with spellings in graphics and strap-lines  and supers
  3. news is a highly mobile career where ‘workers’ move to new markets with place names they are unfamiliar with. 

For example: I live and work in Brisbane, Australia – where Brisbane is pronounced


When  I visit the San Francisco area, I’m amused to see signs for ‘their Brisbane‘ – pronounced Bris-bAYne.

This week, a smart reporter I work with was wise to ask how to pronounce the suburb Alderley – is it AL-derly or ORlderley.  The correct…

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