Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

The demographic for people who still get their news from mainstream broadcast media …is ‘mature’. This demographic often was taught how to spell. It knows idioms and idiomatic expressions such as: in one fell swoop – not one fowl swoop or one foul swoop or one fail swoop.


Shakespeare created many expressions (such as one fell swoop) we commonly use today. While correct use of idioms is not the be-all and end-all (another Shakespeare creation) I argue you should try to get your idioms right.

This post was inspired by catching and subbing strap line that almost made it air: no holes barred. The correct expression of course is no holds barred – as in wrestling holds, I believe.

Perhaps, the talented writer just made a typo in the deadline rush – but my point is: as well as checking for spelling when writing or subbing, you also need…

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