Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

My work colleagues often ask:

You spend all day writing and re-writing news. Why do you spend your nights writing about news writing?

My answer:  two words – Mervin Block.


I’m inspired by the example of veteran US TV news  writer Mervin Block.  I often refer young reporters to Mervin’s many books and his website on news writing.

He is so prolific – producing books and articles as well as being the talent for interviews about news writing.

Many journalists talk about writing a book – Mervin Block actually does it – again and again! I hope he has written about  how to find the energy to write a book after writing news all day. He wrote for Walter Kronkite and many other legends of TV news.

I admit I’m envious that some of my Australian media colleagues have even met Mervin – and taken photos with him of course…

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