doubleshot media

Do you get annoyed when you read or hear so many word choice mistakes in the news?

VILE when it should be VIAL.

COURSE when it should be COARSE.

that FAITHFUL  day when it should be that FATEFUL day.

HAIR-BRAINED when it should be HARE-BRAINED.


Maybe I’m just a pendant – maybe I’m just splitting hares!

Maybe it’s out of fashion to believe that journalists and modern “content creators” should try to use the correct expressions.

I trust that journalistic love and care for language does not date  – like the clothes and glasses  in above photo!

Of course, the expression should be spilling hairs – rather than splitting HARES. (Also, it’s pedant not pendant!)

Today I saw a radio news organisation tweet about a HAIR-brain idea – when the correct expression should be   HARE-brained. (The news organisation may have been quoting a source that made the mistake)


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