Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

In news we often use the words siege and seize – and in my role in a TV newsroom (keeping up with breaking news especially on-line) I often see siege or seize spelt incorrectly – getting the I and E in the wrong order.

In my early days as a reporter I’d often have to check that I didn’t get the two mixed up – until a  subeditor taught me an easy way to remember which word had EI instead of IE.

The simple trick: Seize the cheese.

Cheese rhymes with seize. Cheese has lots of  Es – therefore Seize – has the E first.


I know it sound simple – but it’s a simple way to remember – and simple helps when you are in a rush.

Unlike print media – the ‘tools’ you write television words into usually do not have spell check – especially when quickly…

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