Bard of Breaking News (Breaking Bard)

Different broadcast news writers have different techniques – often based on how they were taught.

“Friends, Romans, countrymen – lend me your ears…”

One valuable  ‘trick’ I was taught that I  use and pass on to learning writers is:

Try to make sure the first few words of a news story catch the ear and interest of a listener or viewer.

Here’s a simple of example of a sub this week that applied this technique.

As story started with the words: University research…

So many stories start with words like new research or  a new study.. yada yada yada.

I prefer to start with what the new study says…especially the bit of most interest to the audience.

I tweaked it so the sentence started with two word I thought were more exciting than university research cheap alcohol

The university research bit came later – AFTER the more audience-interest element…

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