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Here’s a great broadcast writing tip I got from a boss when I worked in the US.

cool clock

When you are trying to ‘write tight’ and cut down syllables and seconds (especially in a rush) look at the words around expressions involving TO BE – e.g. they HAVE BEEN, BE COMING to a stand-still.

Often you can cut these BE expressions completely or you can cut the words around them.

For example:

Their growth hit X%. THEY HAVE BEEN surviving by pushing down prices.

Instead you can write:

Their growth hit X%…surviving by pushing down prices.

See, you don’t need the THEY HAVE BEEN at all.

Another example:

instead of:

and more people ARE selling X. 

lose the ARE – and you can go for a simpler form of the verb – selling to sell.

as more people sell the X.

Some may say this only save 2 syllables – but…

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