Choose the Right Words

This will help you avoid using he wrong words – when the words are to be seen (not heard as in broadcast news)

It’s been a while since I’ve added to this site.  I started working for an Australian commercial television news program and  as I read news stories from many different sources (especially ‘print’ and on-line), I see lots of examples of word confusion – even from professional journalists who use words for a living.

TB headline technique

In television news (even though words are often to be heard not seen) mistakes still matter when words are presented on the screen  – in graphics or ‘supers’ or ‘strap lines’.

The mistake I saw today was confusing sheer and shear., The reporter wrote shear – when the word should have been sheer.

Shear can mean to cut the wool from a sheep or to break off  e.g. “the gear sheared and jammed…

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